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Security Cameras


Security cameras have become very popular in recent years as an addition to home security systems. Security cameras set up inside or outside of your home can help provide you and your family a sense of security. Cameras are a great way to know what happening in your home when you aren’t there, and simply a nice way to see who is coming in and out of your home.

There are many different types of security cameras available that are specialized to do different jobs. Depending on the location and type of surveillance you are looking for there are plenty of options for you. Whether you want to have just a few cameras at entrances and exits, or possibly a full set of security cameras so that your home on constant surveillance there are a variety of options.

Types of Security Cameras:

  • Bullet
  • – Bullet Cameras are a wall or ceiling mounted unit that is usually made for indoor use. These cameras are wide-angle made to capture video of one fixed area. These cameras are commonly place to survey entrances to the home.

  • Dome
  • – Dome cameras are housed in a dome-shaped casing. These cameras are not discreet cameras but are designed to be visible. The unit has the ability to spin around 360 degrees, these cameras can have view of an entire room.
    Discreet Cameras

    – A discreet camera, sometimes known as a nanny cam is a camera hidden in another object. These cameras could be a clock, smoke detector…etc. However, these covert cameras are usually low-resolution cameras due to the size.

  • Outdoor Cameras
  • – Outdoor Cameras are unique mostly by the housing they are encased in. This casing is made to be impenetrable to the elements. A good outdoor camera will be waterproofed, and more sturdy than indoor cameras to prevent wear and tear on the cameras.

  • Wireless Cameras
  • – These cameras obviously do not require a wiring system to make them run. The major benefit of no wires is that the installation process is made simple and flexible. With a wireless camera you have the option of placing cameras in a location that wires might not be able to reach. However you may sacrifice some reliability when using wireless cameras who are sometimes susceptible to interference.

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