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Frequently Asked Questions

Home Security Frequently Asked Questions

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A security system is simply a system that secures. Most security systems have the same basic functioning principles, such as, securing entry ways, doors, and windows. They can also be setup to monitor interior space where you keep specific valuables without regard to the size of your home.

The only true difference in security systems is how many components you will need throughout your home that are monitored by the control panel.

Absolutely, just because you don’t own your home or because you live in an apartment is no reason to not keep you and your family safe. Renters have valuables and possessions they want to keep safe as well.

Just check with your landlord first before buying any system, especially if you’re going to need a professional to come an install it for you.

The type of home security system you have installed will be the main factor in what will happen when there is a power or internet outage.

Home security alarm systems that are wireless are the most vulnerable in power outages, usually when the power goes out, so will the internet connection.

Without this connection service to the monitoring center is interrupted.

While a wired connection will stay connected even if you are having internet problems.

If you own a home security system that is not installed in the infrastructure of your home then the simple answer is, yes. Majority of the time you will just need to contact the monitoring service you use and change the address.

If you have a professionally installed system and are in a contract with a monitoring service you will need to refer to your contract to find out if you’re able to take your system with you.

During an actual break-in or emergency where the home security system is triggered an alarm will sound, many people think their monitoring company is notified immediately, and while with some monitoring companies that may be true, other companies can take up to five minutes before their notified of the intrusion. Many companies that use a delay do so because of common false alarms.

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