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There are many different home alarm systems that you can choose from, but they can really be put into two main groups: wireless home alarm systems and hard-wired (or wired) home alarm systems. A wireless home alarm system is usually the preferred choice when your home is not pre-wired for a home alarm system. Most people don’t want to drill holes in their wall unless it is absolutely necessary and with a wireless home alarm system, the need for drilling goes away. A wireless home alarm system costs more (sometimes much more) than a hard wired home alarm system, so most people only go with wireless if their home isn’t pre-wired. And if you are building a new home, be sure to ask the home builder about the various options available for you. According to the Alarm companies, they tend to prefer it if the home builders do the pre-wiring, it will usually save you money if your house is pre-wired.

Home Alarm Companies

There are many different home alarm companies that you can choose to work with, and by and large, they will all do a great job of installing and monitoring your home alarm system. You can go with a large, national home alarm company like ADT or GE Home Security or you can go with a local home alarm company – either one will be able to help ensure that you are protected with the latest technology and service.

When thinking about what the best home alarm system choices are for your family – remember, both home alarm systems and home alarm companies can be grouped into 2 different groups. Make sure you know the pros and cons of both groups and don’t forget the most important choice of all — the choice to protect your family with a home alarm in the first place!

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