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Outdoor Security Cameras


There are many types of security cameras and outdoor security cameras are one of them. Outdoor security cameras are a good way to capture outdoor activity around your home. They can catch someone sneaking around your property, deter burglars or catch them in the act. You are able to see the outside of your home without even having to open the door or look outside. They can provide even increased security if they are connected to the locking and unlocking systems of doors.

Ideal outdoor security cameras

Weather resistance

The most important specification of a outdoor security camera is weather resistance. All cameras have different degrees of durability so it is necessary to purchase one that fits to your geographical weather needs. As a general rule of thumb they should be able to withstand rain, snow, and mild winds.

Infrared Detection and Illumination

Infrared detection allows a camera to detect motion in the dark. Infrared Illumination lights up moving objects in the dark that give off any infrared or heat. Basically if the property around your home is dimly lit or dark, it is a good idea to have some sort of infrared detection or illumination.

Thermostatic Controls

This control feature is particular to outdoor security cameras. Thermostatic controls give a camera the ability to heat or cool itself in order to prevent condensation over the camera lens view. A foggy camera lens is a useless outdoor security camera, especially if you live in an area where condensation occurs regularly.

Different Types of Outdoor Cameras

Wide Angle Lens Cameras

A wide angle lense has the ability to cover more area at one camera angle with a wider degree of sight. So in positions where you need more view of a larger area they are recommended. When only capturing a small area wide angle lenses are not necessary.

Broadcasting Ability

Many new and high-end cameras will have live broadcasting abilities. This allows the live camera view to be seen remotely on a computer or smartphone. You can check up on what is going on around your home remotely.

Speaker and Microphone

Not all security cameras have speakers or microphones but they can be useful in some cases. It also allows you to talk and confront people approaching your home if the camera is installed at the front entrance. Not to mention, the ability to eavesdrop on intruders and the potential to identify their voice later.

Pan and Zoom Ability

Pan ability allows a camera to turn itself to a new point of view. This ability allows one camera to have a larger range of view then a fixed camera. Zoom allows the the camera to zoom in on a point of view, allowing to see greater small details that can be useful in some situations.

Outdoor cameras can provide extra security. Whether you want to see what is going on outside your home, or you just want to see who is coming in and out of your home outdoor security cameras can be a great addition to any security system. Lean more about security cameras here.

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