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Two- thirds of burglaries occur with the thief entering the home through a door or window, either through the front, back or garage doors. Using the existing entrance makes sense as a burglar as it is much easier and requires no thinking.
This is why it is most important to consider door and window alarms as a part of a security system.These types of alarms are great for residences with easy installation and reliability.

There are wired and wireless alarms that both include several types of door and window alarms:
Door Knob alarms
These alarms are placed by hanging them on any metal door knob. The alarms are set with an activation device such as a chain. If anybody touches the doorknob, a loud alarm will sound instantly, deterring the suspect from further action.

Door & Window Sensor Alarm

A basic door/window sensor alarm with be triggered when a door or window is opened or broken. Some window alarms included a infrared motion detector that is activated when when motion is detected before a break-in. Some window sensors gives out alerts when you leave a window open at night.

Door Stop Alarms will trigger a sensor that sets off a loud alarm much like a door knob alarm. In addition, the door stop alarm will also prevent the door from physically being opened. This device is usually portable and be taken with you as you travel.

Travel Door Alarms

These alarms are often called portable or personal alarms It is much like a door knob alarm in that it can be hung over a door knob. In addition, it can be carried with you and can be a extra security device for when your travel. There are more sophisticated versions of travel door alarm that have additional features such as a smoke detector and a powerful flashlight.

The simple Benefits:

  • They are a cheap device with purchasing prices as low as $10
  • They don’t require any tools for installation
  • They can be portable
  • They can have multiple features in one system
  • They are wireless and operated by batteries; power outage unaffected
  • Compact and Lightweight

Don’t forget that open doors and open windows are the easiest ways for burglar to get into your home so make sure to lock up before leaving the house before worrying about any alarm systems.

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